I believe a great story is the best sales pitch.

Sell a product. Sell a person. Sell them with a story.

That’s my mantra, and if you hire me, you’ll often hear me chant it.

I write a wide range of stories in a variety of styles. Romance, drama, lighthearted pieces, stories that tug at the heartstrings, tales that inspire and move people. These pieces can fit into the mold of a traditional script for a TV commercial, informative video, or radio spot. They can also take the form of blog entries, articles, posts on social media, PPC ads, and hard-hitting eBooks. Do your clients need words that are emotionally persuasive to sell their products and services? I can write their stories.

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For information about my education, professional experience, and skills, please click on the following link.

Wayne Bartholomew's life (in two pages!)  

TV Commercials:

I wrote the following scripts on spec.

1) "Lucky Trix SMASH"

2) "The Dawn Touch"

3) "Saturday Mornings"

4) "Reese's Fu"

5) "Ving on Ving"

Radio Spots:

I wrote the following scripts on spec.

1) "Freestyle Coke"

News Articles:

I provided content for the following articles (quotes, technical information, etc). 

1) "There’s an app for getting kids interested in library story time" 

I am quoted in this article.

2) "Try out latest gadgets at Youngstown-Mahoning library's Tech Playground" 

I provided technical information for this article.

3) "Boardman library hosts Cartoon Camp"

This article features my formerly syndicated comic strip, Kate the Great.

4) "Emerging technologies liaison introduces 3-D printing" 

This article features a public program I did at Austintown Library. 

5) "Library, Oh Wow! Partner on Learning Project" 

I provided technical information for this article.

6) "YOLO Learning Opportunities center opens in Main Library

I provided technical information for this article.

7) "Grant provides library with interactive learning"  

I provided technical information for this article.

Creative/Informative Articles:

This is the kind of content I can develop for magazines, journals, and informational/entertaining blogs.

1) "A Crash Course in Cartooning" 

I researched and wrote this article for a series of public programs that I taught between 2014 and 2016.

Marketing Statements:

I am a strategic thinker, a careful planner, and a writer who enjoys the technical details. My marketing statements provide excellent examples of the kind of work I am capable of doing. 

1) Kate the Great and the Out-of-Order Alphabet

2) Etruscan Press

Social Media:

I write and post creative content via the following accounts to promote Kate the Great. This has helped me to gain thousands of loyal readers. 

1) Facebook

2) deviantART

3) Twitter

4) Tumblr

5) Pinterest


I provided copywriting services and content writing for the following websites. 

1) Kate the Great Comics

I constructed this site and wrote all of the content found on it.

2) PLYMC Summer Discovery Database (2013-2017)

Each year, I constructed an updated version of this site and worked with the PLYMC's programming team and PR department to write all of the content found on the site.

3) The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County

I served on the website redesign committee and made recommendations for information architecture that is found on the home page. 

4) Etruscan Press

I met with the publisher, Dr. Philip Brady, and recommended updates to the information architecture.

Viral Content:

Just for fun (and to experiment with methods and conditions that may create viral content), I posted "fandom" content to Tumblr and Instagram. Using the right hashtags, the right content (art, GIFS, and video clips), and the right timing, I was able to create several viral posts. These are the results. 

1) Stranger Things fan blog on Tumblr 

a) Followers

b) Viral post 1

c) Viral post 2

d) Viral post 3

2) Iron Fist viral post on Instagram

Picture Books:

If you want emotional storytelling, look no further! 

1) i Laffed to

2) Herkamees

Comic Strips:

My formerly syndicated comic strip. 

1) Kate the Great (daily strips) 

Pages 87-103 tell a particularly funny story! 

2) Kate the Great (Sunday strips) 


For copywriters and content writers, the economy of language is a very important thing. Even more important is the ability to feel and express emotion through the words that we put out there. A person who feels poetry is a person who feels. He or she is perhaps a person who is a little more in tune with his/her feelings and, quite possibly, the feelings of others.

A poet can be a liaison between those who innately under the poetry in life and those who do not. It's an important job, and it should be taken seriously. (It can lead to some fantastic ad copy!) Yet, it's also important for the poet to know when not to take himself/herself too seriously. When a poet takes a fun, balanced approach to writing emotionally persuasive content, well... that can lead to even better ad copy!       

I had a lot of fun writing this poetry (if you can call it that). I hope you'll enjoy reading it.

1) To the Strings of a Zither

2) Steps

3) Odd Things I Remember About Last Christmas

4) [20/20 Hearing]

5) "Rust,/it/looked/like"


If a writer can write in a repetitive mold, and keep the writing feeling fun, funky, and fresh (Oxford commas aside), you should hire that writer! (That's my academic opinion, and I'm sticking to it.)  

1) The Bronze Dame

A novel in haiku. Submitted as my master's thesis. 

Fun Stuff:

I #twitterstalk TV commercial actors and tell them how much I love them. If they respond, I repost on Instagram. (Click on the following links for proof!)

1) #Fantweet to Jack Mulcahy

2) #Fantweet to Chris Wylde


All work on this page (with the exception of news articles, Stranger Things fan art, Iron Fist, and work created for the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County) © Wayne Bartholomew

Kate the Great © Wayne Bartholomew and Jaime Garcia. All Rights Reserved.