I believe a great story is the best sales pitch.

Sell a product. Sell a person. Sell them with a story.

That’s my mantra, and if you hire me, you’ll often hear me chant it.

I write a wide range of stories in a variety of styles. Romance, drama, lighthearted pieces, stories that tug at the heartstrings, tales that inspire and move people. These pieces can fit into the mold of a traditional script for a TV commercial, informative video, or radio spot. They can also take the form of a comic strip. Do your clients need words that are emotionally persuasive to sell their products and services? I can write their stories.


For information about my education, professional experience, and skills, please click on the following link.

1) Wayne Bartholomew's life (in two pages!)

TV Commercials:

I wrote the following scripts on spec.

1) "Lucky Trix SMASH"

2) "The Dawn Touch"

3) "Saturday Mornings"

4) "Reese's Fu"

5) "Ving on Ving"

Radio Spots:

I wrote the following scripts on spec.

1) "Freestyle Coke"

Social Media:

I write and post creative content via the following accounts to promote Kate the Great. This has helped me to gain thousands of loyal readers. 

1) Facebook

2) deviantART

3) Twitter

4) Tumblr

5) Pinterest

Comic Strips:

My formerly syndicated comic strip. 

1) Kate the Great (daily strips) 

Pages 87-103 tell a particularly funny story! 

2) Kate the Great (Sunday strips) 


Kate the Great © Wayne Bartholomew and Jaime Garcia. All Rights Reserved.