Friends! Romans! Fans of Kate!!

We have returned!!! Get ready for another series of wacky shenanigans and hilarious adventures. 

That's right, folks: Kate the Great is back, and she's bringing her BFFs with her! Join us here every Monday for a brand new strip starring Louie the crazy dragon, Zuzu the cutest pegacorn (a unicorn with wings), Harlan the surly gargoyle, and Tidas the scholarly griffin! And of course, the glue that holds the band together, the catalyst for every adventure -- everyone's favorite eight-year-old -- Kate! 

Questions, anyone? 

"Yeah!! Where the heck have you guys been?? And how's syndication going?" 

Since April of 2014, Jaime and I were contractually bound to not post our comic strip online. We missed you dearly, and we couldn't wait to share our work with you again, but while the syndicate was working to find placement in newspapers, all we could do is wait patiently... and write and draw a whole bunch of new strips for you. :) 

Unfortunately, the newspaper business didn't work out. Our former syndicate, Royal Comics in Finland, tried their best, but the industry isn't doing well. Due to changing technology and the lasting effects of two recessions (the one in the U.S. and the one in Finland), many newspapers have closed their doors. Consequently, there are no new slots for comic strips in U.S. and Finnish newspapers. What does that mean? If a comic strip isn't already in the funny pages, then it's probably not getting into them anytime soon. (The good new is, Garfield and Peanuts seem to be doing okay. The bad news is... Kate the Great won't be joining them.) 

Jaime and I are thankful for the opportunity we had to take Kate the Great global. It was worth a shot, and we're glad we took it. (Always take your shots, kids! Shoot for the stars! And beyond!!) Even though we missed our initial target, we're still firm believers in the Jack Gilbert philosophy: "Icarus was not failing as he fell, but just coming to the end of his triumph." 

We achieved a triumph -- a big one. For two years, Kate the Great was syndicated! How many cartoonists are fortunate enough to say that about their work? Not many, unfortunately. Yet, we want you all to know: Even though our initial triumph has ended, we're not giving up! Now that our contract with Royal Comics has expired, Jaime and I are free to publish our work online again -- and we'll be exploring some other opportunities, too! 

We'll be looking into other syndicates around the globe, and we'll be finding new and different ways to promote Kate and share her with new readers via social media. 

One of the great things about Kate the Great is how well she plays with others. With other kids, animals, mythological creatures, and even other genres! Kate started out in comic strips, but Jaime and I are now exploring some exciting possibilities in children's picture books. If that's something you'd like to see, let us know!! We'd really like to read your feedback. 

As always, we'll be sharing the details of Kate's journey here. We'll describe the bumps, twists, and unexpected turns on the road to publications. So buckle up for the ride! 

We're really excited to be back. Let's talk soon, okay? 

~ W. & J.

Kate the Great © Wayne Bartholomew and Jaime Garcia. All Rights Reserved.